Efficient Cleaning Packages For Your Paddington Office

Whenever we take on a new appointment, regardless of the characteristics of the premises, we strive to follow three main principles:

  • We want to achieve the ultimate standards of performance and health-safety for your office.
  • We try to avoid any disruption in your working process by flexible scheduling and longer working hours.
  • Our crews will always adjust to your requirements and follow your suggestions.

From this starting point, we can build the office cleaning package that will fit your workplace like a glove. While every business has its unique specifications, the main chores we provide may apply to the majority of our customers:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of general and common areas in your building – lobbies, foyers, reception desks, hallways, staircases, canteens, conference rooms, staff rooms
  • Cleaning and sanitising of washrooms and restrooms
  • Cleaning and organising of single working stations
  • Executive office cleaning and maintenance
  • Floor cleaning
  • Interior window polishing
  • Office equipment cleaning – printers, scanners, projectors, etc.
  • Specialised PC and peripherals cleaning
  • Emptying of waste bins and restocking them with plastic bags
  • Providing janitorial supplies at competitive price rates. 

Documents Safety Protocols

Arguably the most annoying thing that can happen to office workers is to leave something on their desk and to find it missing the next day or after the weekend. The usual suspects are the unfortunate cleaners who habitually throw out individual pieces of paper, especially in handwriting.

Our cleaners receive special training that strongly underlines the importance of leaving any desk as found. If someone meant to throw anything out, it would have found its way to the trash can. Rest assured, your documents and notes are in safe hands with us!

What Additional Office Maintenance Procedures Can You Book With Us?

Our office cleaning packages, as described above, concentrate mainly on the business premises interior, and above all, the proper workplace of your employees. They leave a lot to be desired, however, in the exterior maintenance and specialised areas of your business building. 

To overcome this problem, we provide you with the following premium service options:

High-rise window cleaning – performed by some of the leading specialists in London. Height is just a number – we can get to any building facade sector with 0% risk to our crews or your property.

Hard floor cleaning – suitable for larger office buildings with spacious lobbies. The treatment delivers impressive results on terracotta, granite, and marble floors, taking care of any stretch-marks and stains.

Specialised cleaning for canteens and restaurants – with an extensive background in the restaurant cleaning industry, our crews will keep your office restaurant compliant with all hygienic and health-safety regulations.

Pressure washing – specialised treatment for building facades and exterior hard-surface areas like driveways, sidewalks, walkways, parking areas, etc.

Antiviral fogging – a powerful, innovative method for the removal of bacteria and viruses in large premises. Fully compliant with the UK safety standards and particularly effective against Covid-19.