About Us

Why Office Cleaning?

Because we are excessively good at it. And while this may sound too overconfident, we have the record to prove it. For the past decade, we have helped numerous local businesses keep their headquarters in pristine shape. Our brand has grown exponentially and is now recognised as one of the leaders in West London.

The fact of the matter is that we love the challenge. Every cleaner and manager in our team has had some experience in the field of domestic cleaning. And while we relish the memories and recognise the value of the lessons learned, nothing can quite compare to the hassle and dynamics of the office cleaning business. The scale is bigger, the challenges – greater, and the requirements – far more demanding. There is no letting off the throttle if you want to remain relevant in our industry – you either evolve or lose your edge over the competition. 

Why Paddington?

We feel confident and comfortable in the confines of our beloved W2 area. Almost ten years ago, we got our first office cleaning appointment with a local IT start-up. “Office cleaning” is a rather pretentious way to describe our tasks – keeping a two-room apartment-turned-IT lab in a decent sanitary condition.

While the start might not have been auspicious, we quickly learned the ropes of the business and were soon ready to challenge much more established contractors in the sector. We are immensely proud to have served the local business community with distinction, never forgetting our roots.

Paddington remains our primary focus of attention, but we will not turn you down if you call from an address in Marylebone, Mayfair, Bayswater or Notting Hill. 

Why Do We Feel Confident About Our Future?

It seems that many people feel some kind of moribund pleasure in spelling the doom and gloom of the office cleaning business. Yes, the sector has suffered some setbacks because of the Covid pandemic and Brexit. But we are confident that we will come back stronger than ever and thrive when the trial and tribulations are over, for three reasons:

  • We believe in the resilience of local businesses. The big corporations might account for the macroeconomic numbers, but the small and mid-size local businesses are the backbone of the economy. 
  • We do not think that the home office is the alternative of the future. We are social animals and social distancing – as important as it is today – will not remain the norm in the coming years.
  • London and the UK have faced much worse crises. If we survived the Blitz, are we really to believe that a respiratory virus will bring us to our knees?