From Scared To Safe
Entry Information

Entry Information

Entry Fee

We’re asking everyone that enters the competition to pay at least £1 per entry. This money will go to Samara’s Aid Appeal through the charity Feed The Hungry. This brilliant organisation helps to improve the lives of refugee children and their families living in Iraq and Syria. The money raised through From Scared To Safe will change the lives of refugee children and their families in Syria.

Samara’s Aid Appeal is opening a new hospital in Syria. It will start with a small A&E, a small intensive care department, an operating room and about 30-40 beds. There isn’t really any paediatric care provision in this area. We are raising money to expand the hospital to provide paediatric facilities, neonatal care, gynaecology and other services. As we are all volunteers, the money raised through this page will all be spent on the new Syrian hospital. Samara’s Aid Appeal is working under the auspices of UK registered charity, Feed the Hungry, no. 1112955.

To find out more about Samara’s Aid Appeal, please visit the website here.

Entry Number

You can either enter as an individual or your school, nursery or group can enter all together. It is VERY important that you get an entry number and write the entry number on the back of your entry. If your entry doesn’t have an entry number on it, we won’t include it in the competition.

Your entry number is made up as follows: the date of your entry, your city, your date of birth. For example, 040516Sheffield240907.

Please ensure this entry number is written on the back of your entry and also is put in the ‘donor message’ box when you pay your entry fee.

If you are entering as an individual, you will need your parent or guardian to click on the register button below and pay your entry fee online.

If you are entering as a group, you will need the person in charge of your group to click on the register button below and pay the entry fees for everyone in your group online. Everyone in your group will have the same entry number.

Your artwork or piece of writing must have the entry number on the back or it won’t be included in the competition. Please make sure you write it on!